Our Services:

Interior and Exterior Painting in the Connecticut (CT) area.

KD Painting offers Residential and Commercial painting services for Connecticut residents including but not limited to:

Interior Painting

    • KD Painting will mask all floors, windows, doors, hardware and furniture as necessary. Prep/repair/patch holes in drywall & ceilings, remove nails from wall and repair walls, sanding and caulking as necessary – baseboards/windows/doors/molding, move & cover/protect furniture and belongings, vacuum & clean up after each day of work.
    • Apply two coats of high quality interior paint on walls.

Exterior Painting

    • KD Painting will pressure wash structure to ensure all surfaces are paint ready.
    • Replace damaged or rotten wood trim and siding whenever possible, caulk areas as needed, apply prime to bare wood and some metals, move lawn furniture, cover plants/trees and grassed areas near work area.
    • Hand brushed or sprayed
    • Apply manufacturer recommended coats per product specifications using high quality paint.

Wallpaper removal

    • KD Painting can take care of your wall paper removal project.

Drywall patches & repair

    • KD Painting will patch/repair holes using new drywall & appropriate compound, use drywall tape or metal patches.

Staining / Decks Drywall patches & repair

    • KD Painting will strip old stain using Stain remover as needed, pressure wash to remove debris and dirt.
    •  Apply manufacturer recommended coats per product specifications

Power Washing & Gutter Cleaning

  • KD Painting offers power washing and gutter cleaning services for residential and commercial properties throughout CT

Free Color Matching & Consulting

    • KD Painting is proud to provide free color matching and color consulting on every paint job.

Property Management & Tenant Improvements

    • KD Painting has completed tenant move out repaints for multiple property management companies.

Commercial Painting

    • See Interior Painting & Exterior Painting

Our Process:

Piece of mind is knowing what to expect

Scheduling the Estimate – We will work to arrange the estimate around your schedule. We will work with you to determine the best time for us to come out and give you a free estimate on your project.

The Estimate – We will assess your needs, describe the process, and answer any questions you may have. You will be left with a contract that includes all the specifics of the house painting project.

Color Consulting – We will once again work around your schedule to help choose the perfect color for your home. Whether you know what color you want, or you need some help choosing the right color, we will always do a test patch (or several) until your needs are met. We want you to be happy with the choice, so we will not start any project until you have signed off on the color.

Preparation – Our experienced painting crew will prepare your home for painting. This may include scraping, caulking, patching and other minor maintenance. We will protect all surfaces where paint could drip, and collect all paint chips left from scraping. Preparation is an important part of the job and contributes a great deal towards the quality of work.

Painting – Once ready for paint, we will begin the painting of your house.

Clean-Up – We keep the work site organized and clean on a daily basis. All trash from the project is collected and disposed of upon completion. You will have the opportunity to inspect all work and job site cleanliness, before our crew leaves.

Contact Us Today!

No matter what house painting ideas you might have, we’re ready to get started. As a house painting company, we’ve been helping homeowners in Connecticut since 2005, and now it’s time for us to help you too.

You can call us today at 860-281-1407 or 860-709-8338 and ask us anything about our painting services.

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