How to extend the life of your paint brush!

KD Painting

For Water-Based Paints (Synthetic Brushes)

  • STEP 1 Rinse the paint from the brush with warm water while combing with paint brush from base to end. This helps loosen all partially dried paint from the inside of the brush.
  • STEP 2 Once cleaned of paint, wash the brush with soap and water to clean off any remaining paint and rinse well. Again, use the comb to get paint out of the interior of the brush.
  • STEP 3 Rinse the brush well, until the water runs clear of all paint and hand cleaner. After the final rinse, do one last comb-through to make sure the paint is completely removed from
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    the center of the brush.

    If you can’t clean your brush immediately after a job, wet it with paint, seal it in a plastic bag with the handle sticking out and tied closed with tape or a twist tie. This keeps the brush from hardening until it can be cleaned properly. For Oil-Based Paints (Bristle or Synthetic Brushes)

    • Oil-based coatings are difficult to clean and due to the cost and disposal problems of cleaning solvents and the time involved for the process, it may not make sense economically to clean the brushes. Instead, most people allow them to dry and end up throwing them away.
    • However, if you do want to try to reuse them, work excess coating out of the brush and clean immediately after use. Paint thinners are designed for this process.
    • Keep cleaning with the paint thinner and massage into the brush bristles. Change the solvent as it gets cloudy and when you think the brush is clean, do it again. For synthetic brushes, wash with solvent and then follow with the 3-step process. Natural bristle brushes should not be cleaned in soap and water. Use only paint thinner to keep the bristles from flaring.

    That’s all there is to cleaning a paintbrush. The whole process takes about five minutes or so. Always store brushed in their cardboard box.