Can you paint over Aluminum Siding or Vinyl Siding??

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You can certainly paint/refinish your aluminum siding or vinyl siding.

Because of sun exposure, most aluminum siding begins to fade and become chalky (paint and surface broken down as it ages and oxidizes, powder like) after about 8-10 years. Once this happens, the original baked-on enamel coating washes off with rain over time. Vinyl siding is not as maintenance free as you might think also. After about 8-10 years, vinyl starts to fade and lose its finish as well.

If this describes the exterior of your home, you may be looking for a way to improve its appearance. Many homeowners are quick to dismiss the idea of painting their aluminum siding as they fear of it chipping right off.

When it comes to siding, replacement is not your only option.

It is much more cost effective to repaint/refinish aluminum or vinyl siding. In fact, refinishing your siding is approximately one-third the cost of new siding. Also, while siding manufacturers may offer a dozen or so color choices, paint offers almost limitless color possibilities.

Like any paint job proper preparation is the key along with using high quality paints. Siding needs to be clean and free of chalking. On aluminum or vinyl siding, you want to use acrylic latex (water based) paint being they are the most durable, elastic, low odor, great color retention, mildew protection, resistant to peeling and blistering and other great qualities. Siding expands and contracts in different temperatures acrylic latex paint will move with it.

Benefit of Painting your aluminum or vinyl siding:

  • Restores faded siding to nearly new appearance
  • Protects the siding from the elements with the latest coating technology
  • Updates your home’s color for enhanced curb appeal
  • Improves the value of your home

Process in more details:

  • Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Prior to applying paint to your siding, it must be clean and free of chalking and mildew. We recommend getting your siding pressure washed thoroughly for best results. Mildew can be removed with a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. Let surface dry for a day or two before starting the painting process. Spot prime as needed with an acrylic latex and apply two coats of acrylic latex paint. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have great lines of acrylic paint that you can use on your siding. Siding can be sprayed, rolled or brushed.

  • Choosing the Right Paint

Aluminum siding and vinyl siding can be painted with any exterior acrylic latex paint. With paint you really get what you pay for, so be sure to use high-quality paint for best results. Vinyl tends to expand and contract with temperature changes, and only quality paint will withstand the constant stress without failing. Avoid inexpensive latex paint or oil-based paint, as both will most likely start peeling and blistering in a few years.

  • Application of Paint

The most efficient way to paint your siding is with an airless sprayer. Paint can also be applied to vinyl siding with a roller or brush. Always use the best quality tools for best results.

Keep in Mind
It is not necessary to prime your vinyl siding if you choose the right paint. If you use an airless sprayer, the paint film you apply will be thicker, and one coat will be sufficient in most cases.
The higher the paint sheen, the more imperfections will show up in the finished product. We recommend avoiding satin or semigloss and look for a low sheen, matte or flat finish. This will look good and still be washable.

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