What causes mold buildup on the exterior of your home’s siding?

KD Painting

Ever wonder what is playing a role in the cause of mold on the exterior of your CT home?

As we all know, house sidings protects the structure of the home while providing an aesthetic finish.  The most common problem on the exterior of CT homes is mold. In order to avoid mold on the exterior of your home you need to periodically maintain it by pressure washing every 2 years or so.  Mold builds as a result of minimal sunlight exposure to that part of the exterior or areas where trees and bushes are close or touching the exterior siding of your home.  Another thing to keep in mind when you are ready for your next paint job, is to consider a higher sheen finish of paint to help reduce mold creation as well as trimming your trees and bushed back further from the house.

Hope this helps a little.

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