Best time of year to paint the exterior of your CT home?

KD Painting

We all know that here in CT, the winter months are cold and that makes it not an ideal time for exterior painting. With that said, when is the best time for exterior painting?  The answer is that spring, summer and fall can all be a good time to paint the exterior of your CT home, but the spring has several advantages.

One reason to paint your home exterior early in the spring is that homeowners usually start to clean and work on the outside of their home. If you are already cleaning, planting flowers, refreshing your mulch, why not take advantage of the time to paint while you are at it. You need to consider the timing of your exterior work because painting the outside of your home will cause ladder marks and foot traffic through your garden.

It would be better to save your cleaning, planting and re-mulching until the exterior of your home is washed, scraped and painted. This way, you will avoid cleaning again if you were to save painting for a later time.

You also need to keep in mind that paint cures best at mild temperatures and with low humidity, meaning spring is slightly better than summer for exterior repainting projects. Also, if you do paint your house in the spring, you will have a renewed exterior look for many months before the winter months come around!

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