Top rated latex exterior paints

KD Painting

There has always been a wide disparity among pros & DIYs as to which exterior latex paint is the best. Home builders and contractors have strong preferences and stay loyal to a particular brand of exterior latex paint for a long time. For the most part, builders and contractors all agree that Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore carry the best latex paints on the market. Sherwin-Williams’s Duration (~60/gal) & Superpaint (~$45/gal) and Benjamin Moore’s Aura (~65) & Regal Select (~50 ) are among the best paint brands on the market by far. Even though these paint brands are among the most expensive, they are very highly rated by builders and contractors for superior quality. Here is how we would rank these four great exterior latex paint products:

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  • Our #1 favorite is Sherwin Williams’ Duration. It costs approximately $60 per gallon, rated as a the top latex paint on the market and described a true one-coat coverage with self-priming to bare wood, vinyl and other surfaces. Even though it’s expensive, we feel it does make up for its cost by saving time and hassles. According to Sherwin-Williams, the one-coat coverage only applies if the surface was previously painted, otherwise it will require two coats for best results (one coat will act as a primer and the other coat will act as the top coat).
  • Our #2 favorite is Benjamin Moore’s Aura. It costs about $65 per gallon and like Duration, it is also a one-coat self-priming latex exterior paint. Like Sherwin Williams’ Duration, you will need to apply two coats if the surface isn’t already painted.
  • Our #3 favorite is Sherwin Williams’ SuperPaint. It costs about $45 per gallon and it is a more budget friendly paint while offering superior quality. SuperPaint is a thinner paint compared to Duration and Aura.
  • Our #4 favorite is Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select paint line. It costs about $50 per gallon. It is a thinner paint like SuperPaint and Like SuperPaint it goes on thinner than Duration and Aura. It does cost more than SuperPaint, therefore is is our fourth favorite but it still a budget-friendly paint with superior quality.