What causes exterior paint to peel off?

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When you see the first signs of your paint starting to peel or chip, you tell yourself that it is probably just that one spot because you just just finished painting it not that long ago. Isn’t that what we all would think? Peeling paint makes a home look poorly maintained and not very appealing. At this point you finally realize and accept the fact that it is probably a good idea and time to have the exterior of your home repainted. Whether you are a handy individual and you want to tackle the painting of your home yourself, and possibly risk injury on a ladder or you want to hire a CT exterior house painter who is qualified to do so. There are a few things you should know about what causes paint to peel or chip and keep the exterior of your home looking great.

Paint is an amazing creation that will protect the value and integrity of your home from natural elements such as wind, rain, sun, etc. If not applied properly and under the proper conditions, it will not last as long as it should. When it comes to painting, preparation is the key to a long lasting paint job. You have a choice of oil and latex paints that you could use for painting the exterior of your home, which have major differences. When exposed to intense sunlight, oil paint hardens over time and tends to crack. Latex paint is quite elastic and expands along the wall of the home when exposed to intense sunlight. If you apply latex paint over oil paint without applying primer between them, the latex’s stretching may pull the oil paint off the wall. This is not a situation you want in the CT area, or no matter where you live in the country. To avoid this, try to stick with the same type of paint if possible. Use latex over latex and oil over oil.

If this is not possible, use primer and some sanding of the surfaces will be required to achieve proper adhesion. Using interior paint on the exterior of your home, painting in cold temperatures and applying paint to an unclean surface, lack of maintenance, moisture, and not priming bare spots will result in peeling and chipping of paint prematurely as well. Exterior paints and interior paints are formulated different and using them interchangeably will result in premature peeling and chipping. When paint is applied to an external surface in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, paint will often absorb extra moisture and not cure properly, resulting in peeling and chipping. It is very important to apply paint to a clean surface. You need to clean surface from dust, dirt, chalk residue in order for the paint to adhere properly. Painted surfaced need to be maintained periodically to avoid premature break down of paint.

Pressure washing your exterior painted surfaces is an easy way to clean and preserve them. Moisture does contribute to exterior paint peeling and chipping. Bare spots on the exterior of your home need to be primed before paint is applied. This will ensure proper adhesion and a longer lasting paint job. Professional CT house painters will properly prep and paint your home within budget and in a timely manner. Their experienced painters, equipment and proper application will extend the life of your home’s exterior painted surfaces. If you are looking for a CT House Painting Contractor then please call (860) 775-6787 or complete our online request form.