How long does it take paint to fully cure?

KD Painting

Latex paint and oil-based paint dry and fully cure differently.  As paint dries, water in latex, solvent in oil-based paints and other chemicals that act as stabilizer (what prevents paint from curing inside the can) evaporate allowing paint to form a film. Paint will not achieve its full strength until it is fully cured.

Latex Paint (water based)

  • Depending on the climate conditions, sheen, number of coats, color and other variables, most latex paints dry in a few hours, but fully cure in approximately 30 days and should be allowed to cure for at least 14 days before washing or wiping the walls since it can be sensitive.

Oil-based Paint

  • Depending on ventilation, oil-based paints take about ten hours to dry and about 10-12 days to fully cure. Oil-based paint oxidizes and releases chemicals as it ages, which is why most people prefer latex paint for their home interior.

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