How your interior wall colors can create a mood?

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Have you ever thought that wall color can really create a particular mood? Well, certain colors do actually create a mood and research has shown that colors can affect our behavior and thought patterns. Picture walking into a beautiful home with walls painted a light shade of neutral white or bone color, doesn’t it make you feel cold or simply uninviting? Various colors can change that feeling and bring warmth and a welcoming feeling to your home. Each room in a house has its own use and the chosen color should reflect that. The bedroom, for example, is a place or rest and relaxation and a blue, pink or gray color would work great. There is something in the color blue, pink and gray that triggers a relaxation response. The living room or a kitchen, that are usually more lively, a color like beige, green or turquoise. Also, keep in mind that the darker the shade, the smaller the room will appear and vice versa.

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