How to repair cracks on flat and textured ceilings

KD Painting

Repairing cracks on flat or textured ceilings requires some understanding of the composition of the crack. Cracks can can be caused by several things such as settling of the home, expansion and contraction, sudden impact, water leaks, etc. And as much as we would like ceiling cracks to shrink and get smaller somehow, unfortunately they only shift and grow.

You could always replace the entire ceiling with new drywall and go through a messy and costly process, but who wants to do that when there is a easier and cost effective way to hide these imperfections on your ceiling. There are a few ways that you could go about repairing cracks on a ceiling. Solid drying fillers such as drywall compound or even applying texture over the crack do little to repair ceiling cracks and usually result in recurrence of the crack. Drywall compound and texture dry hard and therefore allowing the underlying crack to easily break through the surface in a very short time. Ultimately, the ideal material not only should fill the crack but it should also remain flexible enough to keep up with the movement of the crack. A material that meets those requirements and is proven to repair ceiling cracks is latex caulk.

You will need to run a small bead of latex caulking along the surface of the crack and massage the caulking into the crack while making it as smooth as possible (flat ceiling) while making sure the crack is thoroughly filled and blended into the texture (textured ceiling). Keep in mind that you can only use latex caulk and not silicone caulk. Latex caulk is paint-able and silicone caulk isn’t. Once the latex caulk is dry, you can go ahead and paint over the repaired area with a premium ceiling paint of your choice. There you have it, it’s a simple as that! A Flexible repair will last for a long time!   Contact KD Painting today at (860) 775-6787 for a Free Estimate or any questions that you might have!