How to get rid of water stains on ceiling

KD Painting

Tired of looking at those ugly stains on your ceiling? You no longer need to worry about looking at them for much longer if you follow these instructions on how to get rid of water stains on your ceiling for good. These steps apply for both your flat and textured ceiling.

  • Carefully check the area on the ceiling for mold before you begin. If there is mold, you can removed by scrubbing it with a mixture of 3 parts water, and one part bleach. Scrub the area off with a cloth and leave it to completely dry for about 30 minutes or so.
  • The stain now has to be sealed and you can do that by using a stain blocking primer like Zinsser (oil-based) that can be picket up at your local paint store. Zinsser does a great job at blocking stains and comes in a can (apply using brush or mini roller) or spray which can be applied by spraying the stained are of the ceiling.

  • Allow the stain blocking primer to fully dry before you apply a top coat of a quality ceiling paint.
  • The moment the primer is sufficiently dry, repaint the area. If the paint does not match the rest of the ceiling, you may have to repaint the entire ceiling.

Good Luck and contact us know if you need help in getting rid of undesirable ceiling stains and for all other painting needs that you may have. Thank You! KD Painting (860) 775-6787